Services and Products

Services & Products

 Crop Production

  • Installation and management of technological horizontal or vertical plant production systems and internet-based intelligent greenhouse systems that maximizes product productivity and suitable for sustainable agricultural technologies such as “Global GAP”, “Good Agricultural Practices” and “Organic Farming” according to your preference.
  • Supply of new varieties of seed & rootstocks tolerant/resistant to disease and pests
  • Soil, water and leaf analysis
  • Supply, installation and management of Smart & Sensor-based underground and above ground irrigation systems
  • Establishment and management of smart product storage and silo systems
  • Supply of slow-release, new generation organic, chemical fertilizer and plant nutrients


Animal Production

  • Installation and management of technological animal production systems (poultry, barn, pen, etc.) that maximizes animal welfare and animal production) sistemlerinin kurulumu ve yönetimi
  • Supply of high nutrient & mineral-included animal diet & preparation & additives & vitamins & medicines & vaccines needed in animal production


Plant Protection

  • Field and laboratory efficacy and adverse effects tests of all kinds of pesticides (biological or chemical) for registration purposes
  • Tarımsal mücadelede kullanılan biyoteknolojik (dsRNA terkipli, peptit-bazlı) ve mikrobiyolojik (Bacillus thuringiensis, bakuloviral, entomopatojenik nematod ve fungus terkipli), bitki bazlı (neem) biyopreparatların ve biyolojik mücadele ajanlarının (parazitoid Trichogramma ve predatör Coccinellid) tedariki
  • Agricultural pesticide residue analysis


Public Health

  • Sivrisinek mücadelesinde kullanılan konvansiyonel ve biyolojik preparatların (Bacillus thuringiensis terkipli) tedariki
  • Supply of biological & chemical insecticides for household insects (cockroaches, etc.)
  • Supply of biological & chemical rodenticides for mouse control
  • Pest control in accordance with international and national standards in living areas such as houses, schools and hospitals
  • Mosquito control in urban, rural and natural areas in accordance with international and national standards


Laboratory Consumables, Tools, Equipment and Devices 

  • Supply of basic laboratory consumables and kits (DNA, RNA, Protein isolation, Cloning, Plasmid isolation, RNAi)
  • Supply of simple laboratory equipment (glass and plastic materials)
  • Supply of basic laboratory equipments and devices (Precision scales, pH meter, Shaking water bath, Autoclave, Ultra Pure Water Systems, Fume Hood, Ultra Deep Freezer, Shaking Incubator, Adjustable Automatic Pipette Sets, Vortex, Humidity, Temperature and Light Controlled Plant Rearing Cabinet, Color Spectrophotometer
  • Supply of molecular laboratory equipment and devices (Nanodrop UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, DNA Purification Device, PCR, Real-Time PCR, Electrophoresis and Chemiluminescence Gel Imaging systems, Desktop Refrigerated Microcentrifuge)
  • Supply of mini analysis systems working in the field (Moisture Detection, Portable Photosynthesis Measurement, Measurement of Flavonol in Leaf, Anthocyanin, Nitrogen Index and Chlorophyll, IR (INFRARED), Chlorophyll Meter, Infrared Thermometer, Leaf Water Potential Device, Chlorophyll Fluorometer, Porometer, Leaf Area Index Meter, Imaging and Analysis System for Root, Leaf, Needle Leaf and Seed, Portable Photosynthesis Device, Fully Automatic Seed Counting Machine, Soil pH Meter, Soil and Water EC Meter Soil Moisture Measurement Kit)


Insect Rearing & Dissection Apparatus, Artificial Insect Diet and Live Insects

  • Supply of insect rearing apparatus (Cups, lids)
  • Insect dissection apparatus (Insect needle, dissection tools)
  • Artificial diets for insect rearing; Lepidoptera (Spodoptera littoralis, Spodoptera exigua, Helicoverpa armigera, Cydia pomonella, Cydia molesta, Heliothis zea, Ostrinia nubilalis, Hyphantria cunea, Agrotis ipsilon, Chilo suppressalis, Trichoplusia ni, Lymantria , Lasioderma serricorne, Callosobruchus maculatus), Diptera (Ceratitis capitata, Rhagoletis cerasi, Drosophila melanogaster, Drosophila suzukii, Bactrocera oleae, Musca domestica) and Hemiptera (Aphis fabae, Aphis gossypii)
  • Live insect supply for Spodoptera littoralis, Leptinotarsa ​​decemlineata, Galleria mellonella, Ceratitis capitata


Training & Consulting Services & Courses

  • Planning and installation of internationally accredited agricultural research laboratories and research centers
  • Training and consulting for project planning, survey, preparation and feasibility services for agricultural production or research purposes
  • Training and consulting for seed-seedling production, propagation methods and grafting methods, planting, cultivation methods, pruning methods and sustainable agriculture techniques for species-specific for plant production, cold-storage of horticultural plants
  • Molecular analysis courses (DNA & RNA & Protein Isolation, PCR, Real-Time PCR, dd-PCR, RNA interference, Crispr / Cas9, Cloning)